SCHULZ IBERICA, S.A., is a Spanish company founded in 1987 in Zaragoza, with more than 30 years of experience on the Spanish and European market, working directly with trailer and semitrailer OEM’s.

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Our technical and commercial collaboration with other Spanish companies dates back to the early 80’s, as one of the subsidiary companies from the German company Gerd Schulz, founded in 1969 and dedicated to the manufacture of components for industrial vehicles. With his home office in Hamburg and other facilities in the city of Kassel, it had representation in several European countries and in the United States.

During the last 30 years Schulz Ibérica has growth and consolidated his position leading the European market as manufacturer and distributor of components for industrial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, as well as components for agricultural vehicles.

Our company is characterized by its dynamism, flexibility and desire for the research and development of new products. This has led us to a wide range of products and variants, creating an extended catalogue that includes standard products with solutions adapted to our customer’s technical specifications.

The design, R+D, production and distribution all over the world takes place in our facilities in Zaragoza where we also provide advice and after-market services.

Currently, apart from his own production, Schulz Ibérica is also official distributor for Fuwa axles and suspensions and exclusive distributor for Valx axles, being responsible for the South European market.

Valx axles and suspensions supplied to the South European trailers and semitrailers OEM’s are assembled in Zaragoza, with a central warehouse and a spare parts warehouse for the brand.  

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